December 25, 2009

Ya…ya we can

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I was just reading an article about homosexuality not being genetic, and the following point gave me pause:

“We now treat the differences between male and female as socially constructed and those between heterosexuality and homosexuality as innate and genetic”

Interesting. Can we do that? I thought about it a little bit. And ya, ya we can.
Here’s why.

gender roles, socially constructed or not, put a person into a narrow category. thus, if gender is socially constructed, we are socially forcing people of different personal persuasions into the same narrow column, despite a persons’ biology. if we acknowledge homosexuality, socially constructed or not, we are allowing people into a spectrum of categories. So to say that gender is a socially constructed norm is actually analogous to saying sexuality is a biologically constructed varient, because both acknowledge that people are simply born the way they are, variation from the norm and all.


December 21, 2009


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Did Chad Johnson actually legally change his last name to Ochocinco? For reals people. Yes, I feel your pain, Ochocinco, at a fallen teammate (litteraly fallen out of the bed of a pick up truck…) but I also remember when Chad Johnson wore the number 80 jersey, and the biggest stunt he pulled was showing up at my highschool softball game to look cool for my coach during his days at Oregon State University in my home town. Weren’t those the good ol days.


You were not born with teeth like that

December 1, 2009

Another cotton masterpiece for your enjoyment

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This could be the best yet. I stole the idea from the University of Hawai’i LGBT club but I think I made a way better rendering. And it works for everyone!

p.s., defpunk, i tried zazzle but didn’t like it; you can only put images on the top half of the shirt!

ooh and I liked it!

Pissed Off!

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I found a video of the Adam Lambert performance, and I’m pissed off! Not because of what Adam did, but because of the reaction, and the rehearsal.

The “oral sex” thing lasted 2 seconds. The kiss lasted 2 seconds. Neither were in clear view. What was in clear view was a ton of female dancers doing rehearsed, very sexual moves, like crawling across stage via opening and closing their legs. Now, I don’t care about this. Obvi. But I do care that this is an acceptable standard whereas Adam’s admittedly outlandish antics are not. And that he may have just ruined his pop career.