August 20, 2010

It’s the Emo

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it’s the emo


August 16, 2010

Dear God It’s What Rachel Thinks!

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Mwa hahaah!

Okay kids.

Re: “Violation” of Religious Freedom Concerning the Inclusion of Gay People in the Institution of Marriage

Before Judge Vaughn Walker’s abominable decision, you, according to your 1st amendment rights and staunch religious convictions were free to think that gay marriage is wrong and homosexuality immoral. Now, after this landmark example of judicial activism and downright disregard for common sense, you…can…STILL THINK THAT!

You can do what you could do before

Gay people can do what they couldn’t do before

Look. Here’s the deal. Freedom of religion is about personal expression, period. You have every right to personally express that homosexuality and the inclusion of gay people in marriage is wrong. What you can’t do, and have never had the right to do, is actively use those beliefs to harm others. This includes hate speech, harassment, or discrimination. And now that this inconvenient fact can be enforced because equality has been legally codified does not infringe on your personal exercise of religion, conscience, or freedom. Because it’s not about you.

Don’t you take away my right to systematically oppress you

August 11, 2010

Go Go Gadget!

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This is the greatest invention…ever. Fuck you, wheel

Go Go!